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5 reasons to use Organic Sun Protection

In association with Green People Organic Skin Care

discount code for green people skin care

The fantastic crew over at Green People Organic Lifestyle have kindly sent me some of their Award Winning Natural Sun Care to review AND have given me a discount code for use until the end of June 2018.

Organic sun cream is better for your skin and the environment, and the Green People sun care is amazing quality

But I have a confession to make, even though I was really excited to try the product, I had reservations about the effectiveness of the product. I think perhaps I have been brain washed by the big brands over the years as we are told they are the ones we can ‘trust’ to protect our families. They are big words right? Being told that the sun protection we choose for our family holidays is going to protect our families from harmful UVA/UVB rays – it’s no wonder we only consider buying from big brands.

The problem with big brand sun cream

The problem with big brand sun creams is that as much as I have always trusted them I have also ALWAYS reacted to them. Yes, ALL sun cream causes my skin to break out in prickly heat and aggravates my eczema. And unfortunately my toddler is no different. Sadly, this year, now I’m no longer breastfeeding, his eczema has become an ongoing battle and this hot weather worsens the skin condition to the point we have to stay inside.

What is Prickly Heat?
“Prickly Heat occurs when seat glands get blocked either from extensive sweating, or from an external factor like sun cream. This is why sufferers see their symptoms worsen throughout the summer as they use pore clogging sun lotion to protect themselves from the harmful rays”

Why is Green People sun cream different?

Green People sent me factor SPF30 for my son, and a factor SPF15 Tan Accelerator for me (its like they know me so well). And as soon as I smelt them I knew that I should have trusted this epic brand from the off. You would think that you would miss the ‘sun cream smell’ (I am partial to a touch of synthetic coconut in mine) but this Green People sun lotion is scent free and I didn’t miss it at all. They smell nourishing and soothing, which, to be honest is probably something that is useful in a product you wear on top of your skin all day, while you stress it out under the sun, isn’t it?

(Also, interestingly they only sent me factor 30 for Otis, because did you know SPF30 blocks 97% of the suns harmful rays and SPF50 blocks 98% (mind blown, and yes you can use that one to wow your friends next time you are casually chatting about sun cream))

Green People childrens sun cream is suitable for children with eczema

A high factor, natural sun lotion suitable for children with sensitive skin and prone to prickly heat

  • Offers 97% UVB protection (the rays that cause burning)

  • High protection against UVA and UVB rays

  • Moisturising, soothing and non-greasy

  • Perfect for sensitive skin and prickly heat

  • Water repellent but non pore-clogging

  • Contains 78% organic content

Tan faster lock in colour for longer

If you are anything like me, you might have indulged yourself in a tan or two in your lifetime, perhaps a fake spray tan or 20, or maybe a trip to the ‘bottle of saint tropez’, in fact in my younger days (I’m ashamed to admit) I used to smother myself in baby oil and basically cook myself in the back garden (those days are way behind me – promise – I literally am the sun cream police now, everyone gets bored with me telling them to reapply their sun cream regularly)

green people tan accelerator sun cream helps you tan 25% faster

And I have used sun protection with fake tan in it before, or sun lotion that will speed up tanning (or so they claim, only later find out it just had more fake tan in it). So, to begin with I thought this was a similar product, but boy oh boy was I wrong. After 30 mins in the sun in the garden, I came in and I had a noticeable tan, which considering it was May, in the UK, and it was after 3:30pm, that is impressive.

Natural_Beauty_Products_Organic_Beauty_Skin_Care_Green_People_UKThe key ingredient is Inositol, a naturally occurring nutrient derived from the fruits of the Corab tree. And guess what – it actually works. Like for real. Not only do you get the benefit of a deeper tan, but the tan is real, it has boosted your melanin so your skin is protecting itself better!

the tan is real, it has boosted your melanin so your skin is protecting itself better!

So if a bit more extra glow, is what you are looking for plus no prickly heat, then this is by far the product for you. Its £21 for a 200ml bottle, it’s not ‘cheap’ sun cream, but they claim (as with all of their products) that a little goes a very long way, because they use NO FILLERS, NO ALCOHOL, AND NO NASTY CHEMICALS to boost the volume of the product.

Green People factor 15 contains Organic Aloe Vera, Edelweiss, Inositol, Green Tea & Avocado

3 layers of natural sun protection: UV filters, antioxidants & sun tan accelerator

  • Effective, natural broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection
  • Increases collagen & contains antioxidants to help prevent UV damage
  • Natural tan accelerator helps you tan 25% faster
  • Moisture retaining for a tan that lasts 50% longer
  • Water repellent but not pore-clogging – ideal for prickly heat

Organic Aloe Vera, Edelweiss, Inositol, Green Tea & Avocado

There is one more thing that I naively had never considered about sun cream – and i feel very sad that it hasn’t even crossed my mind…


If like me you been following the media coverage about pollution in our oceans, heavily sparked by the wonderful Blue Planet II series with David Attenborough, (if you haven’t, have you been living under a rock?), then you will know that plastic is polluting the oceans, and the beauty industry have a MASSIVE PART to play in it. If plastic consumption continued at the current rate, the Ellen Macarthur Foundation predicts that the ocean will contain more plastics than fish by 2050. And although the recent ban on plastic microbeads being used in beauty products in the UK has started taking steps in the right direction, clearly more needs to be done and quicker.

So where does sun cream come into this?

Did you know – Sun Cream can cause coral bleaching?

I feel sad that I had no idea, I feel sad that this is true and I can’t quite believe any chemical that would cause such devastating effect on coral (and thus the ecology of the entire ocean), would, 1) be allowed to be excreted into the oceans through human stupidity and, 2) be allowed to be put on humans at all!

Sun cream is polluting the worlds oceans

In a recent BBC news article Hawaii have actually started to ban sun cream from entering their oceans, claiming that the high concentration of tourists is having a detrimental effect on their marine wildlife

Hawaii has become the first US state to pass a bill banning the sale of any sunscreens that have chemicals known to harm coral reefs.

The bill bars the sale of sunscreens containing chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate, which some scientists say contribute to coral bleaching.

The chemicals are used in over 3,500 of the most popular sunscreen products. (Source BBC News)

And even if you are not at the beach – depending on where you live in the world, the water you shower with will at some point end up in the sea

Even if you don’t go swimming after applying sunscreen, it can still go down drains when you shower. Aerosol can often spray large amounts of sunscreen onto sand, where it gets washed into our oceans. Each year, about 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up in our oceans. (Souce nationalgeographic.com)

And guess what – Organic sun lotion is different. It is 87% organic, and does not contain the chemicals associated with this type of human pollution.

Does organic sun cream work?

The answer is yes, and not only does it work, its better for you, your skin, your body and your family. Its better for the environment and the ecology of the planets oceans. I am totally sold. Below are my top five reasons for choosing organic sun cream

discount code for green people skin care

My 5 reasons you should use Organic Sun Protection

  1. They wont clog your pores, your skin can breath, your body can regulate its temperature better, which is vital if you are very young, very old, pregnant, or have a depleted immune system
  2. They are FULL of anti oxidants that WILL nourish and PROTECT your skin WHILE maintaining the collagen and elastin (that’s all the good stuff we need so we don’t look ‘old’)
  3. Faster tanning = faster natural protection. So when using their tan accelerator product, your body gets a boost, and will help you stay protected quicker, its like a back up for your skin!
  4. Scent free! I never thought I would say this but now I have gone scent free I don’t think I want to smell like a synthetic ever coconut again
  5. The environment – so not only do the products at Green People offer a safer alternative to ‘coral killing’ sun cream, but they give back to the charities that are involved in the research and preservation of these vital corner stones of our planet.

Marine Conservation Society

“We are delighted to be working with a company that is actively ensuring their products don’t put the marine environment at risk. The partnership has boosted MCS funds by over £30,000, great news for MCS but even better news for corals and wild fish that will have fewer chemicals to contend with if we can encourage people to choose these natural sunscreens”

– Katharine Sharp, Corporate Fundraiser (Source greenpeople.co.uk)


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