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An owed to instagram

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An owed to instagram


I will admit this blog post might be alienating if you are not obsessed with instagram, but please try to read until the end because this rambling does have a point

December 2016, 32 weeks pregnant and I was signed off work with stress, work related stress, pregnancy related stress, general life stress! Half my first trimester symptoms had come back and even though I thought I could just carry on until the end it turns out I couldn’t – I was done. And I was bored …there is only so much call the midwife one can catch up on.

As I had fallen out of love with Facebook a long time ago so I turned to Instagram to stem the boredom. A few follows and a few more hashtags later and I was becoming addicted; I didn’t know this world was out there – I didn’t know the community was so strong. It was just what I needed.

#thirdtrimester #firsttimemum #maternityleave – there they were. Women who were exactly like me – sitting there looking for each other. #diy #nurserydecor – and more, more inspiration, beautiful photos to drool over or to keep me motivated when I didn’t want to look at another pot of Farrow and Ball Skimming Stone ever again #farrowandball. I had previously shunned and mocked a hashtag but I hadn’t realised the power, the immediacy, the link to someone in real time!

Post Christmas, feet up, and I was expecting to have to wait until my due date and beyond. Not to worry because baby boy was born at 37+3. Laid up in hospital for a few days as baby boy was so small I turned to instagram again #breastfeeding #37weeks #tinybaby. It was there, keeping me sane as I fed my baby every hour to keep his weight up. #skintoskin #newmum #2daysold. Stories, photos, encouragement, community. It kept me going in the middle of the night, I could search for whatever I needed #firsttimemum #forthtrimester #babyblues. Real time mothers and their journeys. I started following these women and felt the love of an invisible support network.

As the weeks progressed I realised my insta obsession was re-igniting a fire – I needed to blog. I had always wanted to blog but didn’t know how to start, and here it was, a platform that I found accessible, that I had no fear of utilising. I wanted to give back and share my story, and I could, I could real time micro blog my day. It became my therapy, my breastfeeding boredom buster and it was brilliant.

Everyday I look forward to seeing what my favourite insta mummas are up to like @clairestoreysphotography_, @sienna.and.I, @miagrace_and_me or @just.isla.and.i and their amazing styling – because I know how long that must have taken and how proud they will be once its out there, – or @the_mother_hen and her honest stories of her newborn journey or @mother_freckle and her latest nipple related hashtag #niplash or @cigarettesandcalpol and her dry view on pregnancy. I see women digging deep and carrying on each day – so I send them a little high five emoji and carry on with my day. Knowing this will keep them going just a little bit longer.

This community, this open world, has given me the confidence to start my blog, because I see the possibilities, I see small brands promoting themselves, getting themselves out there, I see artist sharing their work and photographers experimenting. Its made me feel more open to opportunities, in fact its made me more open fullstop. Open to possibilities, open to talk, open to reach out to friends in need.

#makingthemostofit #anythingispossible #nottheend


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