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Baby development vs. parent development

Leap 6: Wonder weeks developmental leap

And how as they develop so do we

Leap 6 has come at me from all angles, add on top the fact he started commando crawling like an army veteran at 7 and a half months and all my precious time has evaporated. I think there was one point last month when I wrote quite the smug blog post about how my brain had started to return to normal (post baby fog) and how I thought I might be writing lots of consistent blog posts. Well hey, I tempted fate didn’t I!?

If I take my own advice (and I often don’t) I need to be embracing this momentous wonder week.  In my last wonder week update of Leap 5 I invited you all to embrace the developmental leaps. As they are progress in your little ones lives! Such wise words, even if I do say so myself, so wise in fact, I have had to go and read my own advice.

It is often known that with hindsight brings great knowledge, if we had known then what we know now. But I have a case of the, ‘don’t forget what you learnt last time’ going on over here. Because as we run full speed now through the first year of my babies life, I sometimes forget what we learnt last time.

Remember to stay positive, remember this is all normal, and remember to embrace this developmental leap.

With Leap 6 comes the all the familiar fun of the last leaps; sleep regression, the three c’s (clinging, cranky, crying), and loss of appetite. Plus some new curve balls such as nightmares and jealousy.

This leap is called the world of categories, this is the time your baby will investigate things in great detail, often becoming fascinated by a spec of dirt or a piece of food or the tiniest detail on a toy. Your baby is investigating, and working out where everything belongs, they have started to group the world together into categories. Food, toys, people, noises, animals. They all have their place!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

baby stacking toys

And for us so far it is the biggest roller-coaster day to day of all the leaps. I found leap 4 my nemesis and leap 5 crept up on us. But this one keeps us on our toes every day. And has made me realise just how much we change as they change. Because as he develops I have to adapt, and along with me daddy has to catch up too… As parents we have to figure out the new ways to… well to parent. And fast. (and all whilst chasing my baby in our case! Why did he have to start crawling? Why!)

In just a few short weeks we have started singing the ‘wheels on the bus’ and ‘if your happy and you know it’ (cue adorable attempts at clapping) on repeat in our house to keep a smile on his face. I’ve worked out he likes quiet time in the afternoon on the floor simply playing and outings in the morning. With food we have gone from ‘will eat anything in sight’ to ‘I will choose what I fancy’, and some days he will only feed himself and other he wants me spoon it in. His personalty is shining through and music and singing and dancing and people are his most favorite things. So, I have had to get over my fear of baby groups and start taking him regularly, because he needs me too. He needs me to sacrifice and surrender yet again. Sacrifice even more spare time, just so I will sit with him on the floor, and surrender myself to the world of ‘Jiggy babies’ soft play and germ riddled ball pools (as I write this we are all recovering from a sickness bug)

So here is my advice for this leap – remember surrender to them, indulge them, hug them often because they are trying so hard. And remember there is always chocolate, and gin, and wine somewhere in the house. And if there isn’t, make sure you stock up.




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