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Between Christmas and New Years

Is it still Christmas?

If you’re anything like our family Christmas is a mad dash between families trying to see everyone and spending as much time with everyone as you can. And this Christmas was no different. In fact it was even more special as it was Otis’s first Christmas. This time last year I was living on a diet of shortbread and gaviscon, we were still hard at the DIY and thought we had another few weeks before baby buckley joined us. Little did we know we only had a few days left as a dynamic duo. So as I think back on this time last year, and as I sit here trying not to live on shortbread (I can’t blame it on the baby this time) I had started to wonder. What does everybody do in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Because when the wrapping paper has settled and the mince pies have been eaten where do we go from here?

Are you in the ‘it’s still Christmas’ camp? Do you still want to eat cheese everyday and dance to Slade in your novelty pyjamas? Are you happy to eat chocolate for breakfast and light the ‘crackling fire’ Yankee candle once again. Are you dusting around the decorations and making fresh batches of mince pies?

This you see… is my husband. Mr B is an avid Christmas clingon. He can often be found knee deep in cheese and mulled wine up until the 31st of December and if I didn’t take the decorations while he wasn’t in the house I would definitely he cries of ‘scrooge’ and ‘baa humbug’ from his side. I, on the other hand, fall somewhere in the middle. And that’s where we are all stuck right now. In the squidgy sickly sweet, cheese on the side, but hold the tinsel, middle.

I don’t want to take the decorations down but I have found myself sneaking a few back in the box. The scented candles are still burning and the chocolates are still be consumed but they don’t feel quite the same as they did before. I’m not ready to let go, but I am looking forward to next year. I’m getting excited to start a fresh. With new opportunities and fresh starts. It’s the end of my maternity leave, and although this brings great sadness I know I have to grab this moment with both hands and run with it. My ‘job’ isn’t my dream job, but I am privileged enough to have negotiated part time hours, and although all day I will be thinking about my baby, and dreaming of those long summer days where we instagrammed our days away. I know that my job next year will facilitate the bigger picture.

So as we sit in between Christmas and new year I ask you to join me in enjoying the limbo land a little longer. I know some people are back to work in between but you guys can get involved too. Take your tree down if you must but don’t put away those Christmas jammies just yet, and yes it’s ok to eat mince pies all the way up to New Year’s Day. Embrace the madness and celebrate the end of another year, reflect on all that you have achieved, mourn the days gone by, bad or good and look forward to 2018. Eat all the cheese and cram in as many family and friends days out that you can. Take an extra bath and a long walk. Put the fire on and snuggle under a blanket. Because before you know it will be Auld Lang Syne and valentines hearts, there will be chocolate again but this time it will be all together a lot more eggy and hanging out with bunnies, we will all collectively not ‘believe how light it is’ and we will once again complain it is too hot, the summer will fly by and we will be carving our pumpkins once more, Guy Fawkes will greet us before we dust of the decorations once again.

So today. Just let it be, this wonderful in between bit. Go with the flow and put Home Alone on one more time

Merry Christmas you filthy animals

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