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Wall hanging tutorial

I have wanted to use some old driftwood for a wall hanging forever and the new nursery seems to be the perfect place to do it.

Primark wall hanging £6

First I saw this amazing Primark wall hanging hack on @thelovelydrawers Instagram feed.

@thelovelydrawer instagram inspired wall hanging

The bath mat costs just £6 and has simply been tied onto the piece of wooden dowel bought from a DIY shop.

It really is that simple!


For the driftwood wall hanging I used driftwood and wool. Or you could use macrame rope or even string. I already had the driftwood (scavenged off the north Cornish cost). But you can easily buy it from eBay.

I sorted the driftwood into size order and tied them together. The tricky part was balancing the pieces so they sat correctly.


Then I made a simple tassel out of the left over wool. I made this by hand. Wrapping the wool around my fingers and then tying it off and trimming.

We hung the Driftwood wall hanging over the primark wall hanging from a single vintage hook.

Total cost

The whole wall hanging cost under £10 as we had most of the things lying around. But you could easily achieve this for well under £20 even if you bought everything ‘new’

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