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Hampsted Tea Review

Review on Hampsted tea

Bio-dynamic and Organic Teas

You don’t have to be a busy mum to want to try a bit of self care and for me sitting down with a cuppa is up there with a hug in terms of chilling me out. Recently we have been suffering with lots of colds and feeling run down, we are new parents and have busy lives, so we are sleep deprived and tired. Its easy to not look after yourself on a day to day basis and one of the things I am guilty of using to perk myself up is my beloved coffee. Now I’m not here to caffeine bash (because you will never take my coffee) but I know that there are a world of benefits from plants, herbs, flowers and spices with detox properties beyond our imaginations.¬†

My love affair with herbal tea started when I went dairy free about 10 years ago. (something that I have not been sticking to recently) So as an alternative to black tea and coffee I started to explore the wonderful aromatic world of floral teas.

Wonderful for healing, stress relieve, and anti-inflammatory properties. They aid digestion, and sleep and even weight loss. So if you have not tried herbal tea, you might want to ask yourself why because the benefits are in all pretty awesome.

Recently I was sent some Tea from the super friendly and totally lovely Hampsted Teas. They were established almost 30 years where founders Kiran Tawadey and Rajah Banerjee met, two people who shared the same vision of cultivating tea using natural and sustainable methods, and wanted to offer organic tea from a bio-dynamic source.

Now I must admit I thought herbal tea was just herbal tea, but these little bags pack a punch. The main difference from the supermarket brands that I have drank before has been the intensity of the tea and the clean crisp flavours.

The Spiced Chai has an unbelievable aroma, and is perfect for this time of year.

My particular favorites have to be the Rosehip & Hibiscus, which you can feel healing you from the inside out and the Fennel & Liquorice which aids digestion and is so refreshing.

I’ve been enjoying them this week instead of my usual cups of tea in the afternoon and I have to admit I feel better for it. I have been having some anxiety about the end of maternity leave and I can definitely say that having calming, natural, quality herbal tea instead of my usual cuppa has had a positive effect.




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