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Remember This – He’s Only Two and a Half

My toddler is only two!

I have tinned goods in my cupboard older then him.

It was such a surprise to have blonde haired baby. He will always be my biggest boy. It feels like he was born a lifetime ago, and because I have a new baby I keep forgetting he’s only two.

two year old blonde boy

It hit me the other day, as I watched him play with some older children, just how small he really is. He couldn’t keep up with them, he was a little intimidated by them, and he was massively frustrated by his own inability.

It broke my heart.

I know I’m still a hormonal mess. But seeing him like this made him look so vulnerable and it put a few things into perspective

He’s only 2 and a half

My toddler is only two

We expect so much from them. They are expected to eat on their own, sleep on their own, walk on their own. But given only two years they have actually mastered and inconceivable amount of skills.

He speaks a language, he communicates with adults, tries to understand the complex set of rules that change depending upon his parents mood.

We thrust him in and out of his daily routine because its a weekend or we are going on holiday so the normal ‘rules’ don’t apply.

Everyday He is trying to do his best while his teeth ache, his tummy grumbles and nose runs and he has no way of voicing these ailments so pushes them out in frustration and ‘tantrums’.

These terrible twos

I wrote before about ‘re-thinking the terrible twos‘ and to be honest I sometimes I forget my own advice.

He’s only two. Toddlers are so brand new still. He has only be walking for just over a year and yet I need him to walk by my side, to understand the concept that if he runs off he could get injured, to respect the fact that I have to carry Marlow and that means I can’t carry him.

He’s trying, they all are. Our toddlers are just trying to get it right, they just want us to help them a little. They want to be strong independent individuals, but they need some wing men. They need their mummy’s and daddy’s right there, holding them up, as they take on the world.

Two’s are coming to an end

And after all this, after all the ‘terrible’ twos, and the struggles, and the telling myself he’s still my baby. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

He’s changing so much. Those tough and early days of two seem to be lessening, he seems to be coming out of the other side. He still need me to hold his hand, but I can see that he is stronger, and more independent in a positive way.

Not long now and my toddler who is only 2 will be a 3 year old.

But he will always be my baby


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