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Home with the Buckley’s – month of July 

Family life for the month of July

I began writing this blog on a rainy day in August.

It’s the 8th of August and autumn has turned up early, the rain is lashing down outside and the poor chickens are looking very sorry for themselves at the bottom of the garden. For a breastfeeding Mumma like myself last night was a momentous occasion, we gave Oti his first formula feed at bedtime! It was in some vague hope he might sleep better and get Mr B involved, while I get to cook a dinner from scratch downstairs. I had a lot of unfounded doubts and fears. But guess what? His head didn’t explode and he didn’t grow any new appendages and he still loves me, so I all in all it was a success and I need to stop worrying.

As a result of last nights ‘letting go’ I have now let him fall into a deep sleep on me while having his morning feed, we are under the duvet (him comfy, me contorted) and we are staying here for a little bit longer than normal, because that’s the way we like it.

Last month seemed to fly by, my baby turned 6 months and we reached a huge turning point in our year, he was passing the half way point. I can’t quite describe the feeling, I guess its a bit like that feeling when August bank holiday comes round and you realise that the summer is over, you realise the next stop is Christmas. Maybe its because his first year spans a calendar year, maybe its because the rain has started and the wind is here, maybe its because I put the heating on this week, but it feels like summer has been and gone and my baby is going too. 

And now I get it! I get it when people want to slow time down. Up until this point we were happily going through months, all the developmental stages were welcomed, but now… now… you can stop if you like little guy. Just stop. Let me freeze time. No more growing my baby boy. Because lets get one thing straight, babies are for a year, not for life and I need to make sure we are making the most of this.

The intense heat we saw in June seemed ease and come and go this month which meant we could actually venture into our house and out of the garden. I don’t know if its a British trait or if its just me but I find that if I spend too much time outside, partially dressed wearing my flip flops everyday, part of me craves a jumper and some tracky bottoms.

One incredible thing that I noticed has happened to me this last month is that my postpartum symptoms have started to fade. I mean really really fade, I’ve spoken before about my fog brain- the classic baby brain, but I swear mine had extra bells on. I cannot explain how terrible it felt to lose all sense of ones brain and spend most days in a constant state of confusion. Nothing will ever compare to the first trimester, and it was always on the mend, but now, I can feel my brain coming back >cue influx of blog posts< and all the other symptoms are easing too; my hips ache less, my skin is pretty normal, I’m no longer a milky cow that could feed the local NCT group and (I don’t want to jinx this one but) I think my hair has stopped falling out. 

As the months roll on I find myself feeling all sentimental at looking back over last year. Looking back at more bump pictures, and more pictures of the house and how far we have come. OK we have run out of funds for now to finish what we started, but I am super proud of how far we have come.From renovating No. 12 and growing our little human to starting my Instagram account and this blog. I’m so proud of us. I’m so proud of myself and my family. We have achieved so much and we have so much more to do.

Although I find myself fiddling and faffing with the house this month, just tinkering, as the budget is at zero now. So I’m trying to keep my trigger finger happy by styling corners of my home with what I have. 

But I’m getting really impatient… the main bulk of our work is done (for now) but what I want to do is style, I have my eye on cushions and prints and lamps and… I could go on. Though I’m not complaining, as I get to look at this guy everyday 

Looking out the window today I’m glad we spent as much time outside last month as possible, spending lots of precious time with daddy and grandparents, taking long evening walks in the crazy balmy British weather, eating alfresco lunches and dinners, and making the most of my maternity leave.



    • August 13, 2017 / 4:22 pm

      i am! i now realise how quickly this is all going to be over. I mean i might get maternity leave again, but never with the bliss of only one child x

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