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Home with the Buckley’s Month of June 

Capturing memories

Month of June

It’s the 5th July and I’m sitting under the tree in the back garden with O next to me. He’s started to teeth and go through some big developmental leaps so I’m embracing his good mood by hanging out with him. The hot weather for June is back today and once again my house is hotter than an LA mansion.

June seem to flow from one hot day into grab a jumper from the back of a wardrobe type weather. 

We started the month off with a family wedding… fun, frolicks and frocks. We ate, we drank and we got merry. Mr B dancing all night with O in the push chair, back and forth, he was totally part of the party and seemed to love a wedding as much as his dad does.

The diy on the house has been slow however we have managed to get the floor laid in the conservatory, which means another job has been crossed off the list 

With had mixed success with weaning this month, basically O loves his food, and after visiting a weaning course I got really confident and started the baby led weaning. However, I just can’t bring myself to let go of the food… he’s keen on biting. Not so keen on chewing 

The 18th June marked Mr B’s first ever Father’s Day. And what a day it was. We had tea and toast in bed, we packed up a picnic and head out to a beautiful spot by the river. We are apricots and digestive biscuits under the willow tree and we couldn’t of been happier. Days out are not about money and how much you spend, but they respect about making memories to have and to old forever. 

The weather kept on getting hotter and hotter, 30 degrees every day. So we seems to spend almost every day sitting under the tree in the garden trying to keep cool, eating more apricots and splashing around in the bath 

In true British style we planned for Mr B to have a week off at the end of June. Just as the wonderful weather broke. We planned to go to the beach but instead of lazy days under under a beach brolly with sand in our toes it was brand new golf umbrella on the way to the local hawk conservancy. But we made the most of it, eating ice creams as eagles flew above us, flying hawks and being wowed by the owl displays 

June has now finished just as it started with balmy weather and hot nights. And me and O are back under our tree once again 

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