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Home With The Buckley’s – Month of May

Capturing Memories

The Month of May

We all have different reasons as to why we keep a blog. For me it has been something I have longed to do but didn’t have the confidence to just start one. However, having a baby gave me confidence to put myself out there and so I decided to ‘begin at the beginning’. As I continue my journey into motherhood in the first year of his life I want to remember the little things that we do. The small milestones as they come and go,  and the tiny adventures.

We take photos daily of our lives, we post to social media and I recall what happens in the moment but as I sit here with my laptop in front of me – if somebody asked me what I did last month I would be pushed to tell you straight away.

It’s a rainy June morning and I have set myself up on our bed, O is wrapped in the duvet having his early morning nap and I have made another cup of tea in my favourite ‘Repeat Repeat mug. Mr B has gone to work and the cat has found a comfy spot in the nursery. I started to attempt ‘sleep training’ O this week to help with the four month sleep regression but last night at 4:30am, when the wind and rain were battering the side window, I found myself scooping him up as he grinned at me in the gloomy light. I picked him up and made my way to the big bed for a comfort feed and a cuddle; and there he stayed until now. So much for strict sleep training, I made it through one night without him.

May was the 5th month of my maternity leave, having been signed of early for health reasons. And what a glorious month it was weather wise. I am a sun seeker, I should live in LA, my preferred climate is 23 degrees and my preferred footwear is flipflops. Sunshine helps soothe the mood as O was beginning to show signs of teething by shoving his hands in his mouth at every opportunity IMG_7544[1]

The new additions to the family did not settle in well to begin with.

Doris the first had to be taken back and replaced with Doris the second, Chippy the original chick bullied Doris, Doris the second, bullied Betty and they all picked on Wilma. I would fearfully wake each day hoping that the natural pecking order would have been established only to watch a Benny Hill reenactment around the chicken run as the ‘big girls’ chased the bantams round and round.

On reflection my next move was not a smart one, but I thought that some socialising in the garden might help them to work it all out. We had always had a lot of joy from letting the chickens roam free so we let the new ones out for a rummage. After Wilma was chased by the cat and flew a good 7 foot up in the air I should of seen this as a sign… fast forward to 8pm and all the chickens have gone to roost except one – wily Wilma had managed to pop her self to bed 7 foot up a pine tree at the bottom of the garden. The next hour was spent taking it in turns to coax her down which resulted in her flying into next doors garden. So we chased her around with a fishing landing net until, through luck not judgment, she made it back into our garden only to be chased by Doris the second back into the run. Thank you Doris the second.

We escaped the chicken dramas for a few days to house sit for my parents. We can’t afford a holiday or a break this year, and i’m not complaining at all, after all its our beautiful home that we want to spend time in. However, a little break away from the chicken soap opera was just what the doctor ordered. Chilling out in someone elses house has a calming effect – no chores, no worries

And when we came back the hens had managed to sort things out among themselves and all is now harmonious at the bottom of the garden.

The first BBQ of the year went off with a bang (and a push and a lot of hard work). Of course most might ease themselves in with a few friends over to sharpen their skills but we just went for it and hosted 18 people for my mother in laws 60th birthday bash! But that’s what number 12 is all about – we bought the house because we knew it would great at hosting a party – and number 12 didn’t let us down.

DIY has been progressing slowly through May – we have finished off the annoying jobs in the kitchen like the never quite finished skirting boards with my never ending pot of Skimming Stone.

Farrow and Ball Skimming Stone

Never ending skirting boards


Curtains have gone up and the black wall is finally black. IMG_8427[1]It can be frustrating when the budget doesn’t stretch to imagination, and it can be slow going when attempting baby led DIY. But we are getting there! And next month is all about the play room/utility room, because before long our baby in arms is going to be a sitting, crawling, wriggly little monster who will not be content on his play mat anymore.

We ended the month crossing a big milestone in the world of babies… we started to wean O. At 16 weeks I couldn’t see how he would be eating anytime soon but by 20 weeks he was showing all the signs, so I trusted my mummy instinct and guess what? He loved it! I’m not getting anymore sleep at night and i’m not doing baby led weaning. But what I am getting is a happier baby who loves helping his mummy spoon in whatever she has mushed up. Another milestone passed, and another moment in time that went like nothing as I had imagined it. I was up for BLW, I was up for waiting for him to take it out of my hands at 6 months… but he had other ideas.

I finish this blog sat crossed legged on the sofa downstairs with the cat curled up beside me, O has finally decided to nap again today which has given me the time to finish this off. June has begun with another family event and i’m just going through the photos from my sisters wedding, milestones are already flying by as O has started to sleep in his cot, and I have tried my hardest to leave him to it.

Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us and that we will get lots more days sitting under the trees staring up at the leaves, listening to the chickens at the bottom of the garden #thankyoumay2017







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