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I know what I did last summer

I’m not one for nostalgia. I like to look forward and embrace the new, new days, fresh starts. However, through the power of my smart phone, and the suggestion from social media Thursdays have become throwbacks where we are encouraged to delve back through time to the past… and thus I find myself indulging in a little throwback this July Thursday. Oti is asleep next to me have an incredibly early morning nap (7:45am) and Mr B is off out the door to go earn the bacon. So I’m staying put for now, unlike me to lounge in bed, but I’m stealing sometime to share with you July 2016.

Ibiza was over… ok Ibiza was still there but holidays as we know them were over, in fact if I’m being picky holidays as we knew them ended before Ibiza. Just a quick note to anyone going on holiday pregnant. It sucks a bit… it was cool and I’m glad we did it… but tbh not be able to drink and feeling bloated and sick for 2 weeks when all you want to do is feel sexy and awesome kind of sucks. I’m not one for being ungrateful, I generally see the best in all situations, I am a positive person. But this holiday was like a foggy dream… without these photos I don’t think I would remember being there. But I guess that’s Ibiza right? It’s a foggy haze for everyone who goes!

Once we got back, I was scanned, confirmed, got the tshirt. There was a bean inside me, baby Beetroot was in existence… and we had officially 6 months to decorate the whole house.



This is the bit where my brain started to implode on itself. I could just about deal with the constant sick feeling if I could go to work and then sleep all evening and all weekend… but that was not a luxury we could afford any more. We were doing this, it was time to grit our teeth and crack on… so with a little (and when I say a little I mean a monumentally awesome amount) of help from my parents we got the hallway painted in Dulux Soft Aloe.  And Farrow & Ball Skimming Stone. 

Cravings were strong and I was powered by peanut butter and musli, waking twice a night just to eat spoonfuls of the stuff. I can remember thinking I had bump, how nieve, I mean seriously I just look like I’ve eaten a large bowl of pasta. And those Sunday morning lay-ins, what a stunning luxury they were…

It was the start of a mental 6 months, of diy chaos, multiple hospital appointments, lots of mini cheddars and many many late nights. But we had started and so we had to finish.


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