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If Motherhood Is So Natural…

If Motherhood Is So Natural…

…why are we fighting nature?

We’re not made to parent this way, we were not made to parent from a lonely place. We did not evolve to be on our own. We evolved in groups, living together, surrounded. Safety was in numbers and we worked better as a team, a clan, a tribe.

I really want you to think about that for a moment, think about what it would be like to be in a 24/7 tribe. Think about it from a mothers point of view, think how different it would be… there would be elders to teach breastfeeding. There would be others to hold your baby and comfort them while you slept. There would be a whole wealth of learnt behaviour to share. You would never be alone.

Alone. That’s how thousands of mums are feeling everyday, they feel alone. They feel lost and unsure of how to do all the mummy tasks that day. The relentless daily mummy tasks. They feel like they should know how to do all this stuff, and that everyone else seems to know how to do it all, they want to speak out, call for help, shout, scream. But they can’t, because they are on their own. They are alone.

It’s the UK’s first Maternal Mental Health week this week and I wanted to reach out on my blog to any mummy’s who feel like this. Because you are not alone. We all feel like this, we are all doubt our instincts, or don’t even eel the instinct. We all prey we are doing it right, we all want a little bit more help, we are all looking for something… we are looking for our tribe, but our tribe has gone, we lost them, and we all know what it feels like to feel lost.

It’s my belief that breakdown in mental health in the modern day has a lot to do with the breakdown in our tribal instincts and the loss of community. Our support network is diluted and we are all suffering.¬†We are using Google and the NHS as our support network and it’s failing us. We need more than that. We need camaraderie, we need to reach out and say ‘are you OK?’ ‘Do you need any help?’ And ‘I was shit at that too!’

Reach out today and ask someone if they are OK? Even if they did just post an awesome picture on social media, do you really know how they are? Reach out and tell people how you feel. You might be surprised what they tell you back. And just try and be a shit hot awesome friend to everyone, not just your mummy friends because we all need support, we all need to belong, we all need to find our tribe


Links below to some websites that have more information – proper information, not just the musings of me…




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