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The Instagram Interviews #1

It is no secret that I am an Instagram addict, I am an obsessive and a super fan. 12 months ago I posted my first picture in over a year, a picture of my pregnant 30 week baby bump! Little did I know 1 year later I would have over 1000 new followers and spend most of my spare time (my precious, limited, spare time), thinking, planning, posting and interacting with Instagram. 

My obsession isn’t just with Instagram but the wonderful accounts I follow. I feel inspired by them and supported by them. Some of them I watch from a far as unrequited loves, and others I message daily, I laugh at their stories or swoon at their feeds. So this is the start of my Instagram Interviews where I shine a spotlight onto some of my favorite accounts, ask them a few questions and share some of their most loved images. And what better place to start than with the fabulous @just.isla.and.i who I loved from a far when I wrote one of my first blog post (an owed to instagram) and whom I now class as one of my insta ‘besties’ (insert all the heart eye emojis you like)

So, who better to start the ‘Instagram interview series’ than none other than Adele from just.isla.and.i I have absolutely loved finding out more about her and her experience with The ‘Gram. I hope you enjoy reading her answers as much as I did.

1. How would you describe your Instagram account? (Professional? Hobby? Just for fun? Creative outlet? Something else?)

  • I would describe my IG page as “my place” — everything that goes into it is something I’ve worked to achieve! It is a bit of a hobbie I suppose as it’s all of my spare time that goes into it but I’m so passionate about my photos especially when I post a creative photo that other people enjoy too! It’s my place to go to an escape from the whole real world – you know screaming baby, washing, cooking, shitty nappies!

2. When did you start and what motivated you to get into Instagram? 

A D E L E just.isla.and.i Instagram

A D E L E just.isla.and.i Instagram

  • I started my IG page earlier on this year — I had another account (you know the kind we all used to have terrible selfies with snapchat filters blerg) and I found myself looking at people I knew but didn’t really like obsessing over what they were doing and using it as a way to keep up with negativity that I decided I didn’t even need  with the head space I was in! so I deleted it and started fresh and only followed people that inspired me in life and to be a better person!

4. How does Instagram impact on your day to day life? (For example Time spent? Places you go? Things you do? Because of/for Instagram) 

  • Instagram impacts a lot on my everyday life & living – I speak to beautiful friends I’ve made through it, I get to look at other people’s beautiful babies and magical creations that make me feel inspired. I definitely do things that I wouldn’t of known about if it wasn’t for IG and I also go places I wouldn’t of known about not only for the photos but for the experiences! Some have been fantastic others not so much but I love the interactions I get with everyone through my stories when I share what we are up to!
    A D E L E just.isla.and.i Instagram

    A D E L E just.isla.and.i Instagram

5. What have been the positive and/or negative effects of Instagram on your day to day life (for example people you have met? Opportunities that have arisen?) 

  • So many opportunity’s have come from IG I now work with so many fantastic companies – of course the benefits of this for Isla & I are also very lovely! We have made some beautiful friends through meet ups and interactions online! I feel like I have a support network when things aren’t going so well that’s been a game changer! I haven’t experienced any negativity as of yet not from anyone online anyway! I have found a few so called “friends” have changed but it’s quite clear to see that jealousy plays a bit part in that which is a huge shame!

6. What, if any, equipment/editing do you use in your photography? 

  • I mostly stick to my phone as it’s what I always have on me – I brought a camera but can’t use it so the photos aren’t as  great as they should be so when I have time I’ll learn more about that! I use a tripod occasionally as I usually don’t have a spare pare of hands to help taking shots. My best friend is my Bluetooth button you can get these on Ebay for like £1 but my goodness what a great way to spend a quid!

7. What is your fave image to date and (if different) what was the most liked post? 

  • My fave image to date is one I didn’t take but it was taken for the gram and it was all my set up this is a photo of Isla and I on our wedding day, it was taken as part of Jen’s (Jen.and.cub) hashtag #thebabyonhipseries if you, haven’t got involved yet you should!


  • My most liked post is a photo of Isla on her 1st birthday ears deep in Birthday cake! Of course it is  (1,152 likes) it was also the first time I hit 1k, so a pretty big deal for me!
    just.isla.and.i birthday cake smash balloons party

    Isla’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash

8. What tips would you give somebody who wants to get into Instgramming? 

  • Go for it! Don’t be scared to take of that privacy setting – or to interact with people – it will open a whole new world for you! I don’t have great tips for growing your audience just yet as I’m still working on that one but as soon as I know I’ll let u know.

9. Where do you see your account in 1 years time?

  • I’d love to grown my account into my life (business) I feel that’s the dream for everyone but realistically in a years time I just hope to improve on my photography skills and to really grow my creativity – I hope to meet so many more lovely mamas and maybe next year set up an IG mama meet up would be so good just to be able to sit and have a coffee in person with so many of the mamas on here


just.isla.and.i is the creation of Adele and stars her daughter Isla. Adele and her husband live in South London,  England, and Adele’s current day job is as a Painter & Decorator. If you don’t follow her account make sure you pop over and follow her immediately. She is a supportive Mumma and an amazing creative, plus check out her insta stories too, she makes me chuckle on a daily basis.

All collaborations welcome via DM on IG.





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