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Instagram: Scroll less, do more

Instagram time-saving tips

Insta is a demanding little app and it’s easy to get sucked in. In fact, we love to get sucked in. Let’s face it by getting sucked in I have I built my community of 5000 followers. You have to show up to keep building and supporting your community. But recently while I have been hanging out on insta, I have simultaneously been getting frustrated that my business and home life are disorganised. I want to scroll less and do more.

This is why I have made a conscious effort to tap out of the app and look for other ways to serve myself better when I’m having my screen time.

Ask yourself how is Instagram serving you?

As a freelancer and small business owner with two young children to look after at home I have a lot of balls to juggle. I love all my balls. I chose these balls!

But when the bulk of my potential business clients are existing in an addictive app like Instagram it’s easy to see why I think I need to keep showing up there. Any spare moment. In fact, you won’t believe I have any Instagram time-saving tips at all.

My spare moments are very rare. A 3 year old and a 9 month old, pull me every which way. They both want and need my attention, they both need caring for especially after several blights if viruses.

My tendency, when I get a spare minute, is to jump on insta and scroll and scroll and comment. But then get distracted and scroll a bit. Then I look at my own work. Then I watch stories. Watch my own stories. Do some stories. Scroll. And then 15 minutes has passed and I am needed by the kids and I feel I haven’t got anywhere.

Sound familiar?

I bet it does. Because if you are a small business owner who uses Instagram to promote your business, or a micro-influencer or even a parent who uses Instagram as a supportive community I bet you are doing this all the time.

Problem is – I don’t think it’s serving us all of the time. I really want to scroll less and do more.

Can you analyse what you are getting out of scrolling?

What actually happens we do an absent scroll. We don’t have time to comment on all the pictures we want to. We answer some but not all of our dm’s. We analyse our own feed and deliberate. We turn up but we are not entirely present.

And it’s not because we don’t love Instagram because we do. But it’s more that we need to spread out digital development elsewhere. And to do that I need to share my Instagram time saving tips.

For example, when picking up my phone I have started to ask myself can I afford this time and can I show up right now?’

If the answer is no then I take that spare time to do one of two things

1. Put my phone down and spend 5-10 minutes being my future friend and doing something nice for myself for later

2. Spend the screen time doing another digital task. 

i.e I scroll less and do more

I like so many of us actually have an incredible tool for running our business and our lives in the palm of your hand. And I have spent too long not utilising it for the greater good.

In the past two weeks, I have turned away from Instagram while still maintaining engagement because when I show up I make sure I show up.

Tips to scroll less and do more

Here are my Instagram time-saving tips. Try this method. I spend 15 minutes doing active engagement. I set a timer and make sure I’m there for those 15 full minutes engaging with my audience. When I set the timer I get in the mindset that I’m showing up. Not just aimlessly scrolling.

The next time I get some sacred screen time I concentrate on another aspect. My calendar for example. I check the to do’s, I add reminders, I make sure I know my schedule, personal and business.

Then the next time I go back to insta and choose another thing to do. Perhaps spend 15 on the explore page discovering new accounts. And making sure your explore page is showing you exactly what you want to see. Because this will ultimately help the algorithms understand you better too.

It’s like a 15 minute A B A method. If you alternate Instagram with your other workload you will be amazed at what your phone can achieve. For example. I wrote this blog instead of spending time scrolling. And I pretty happy about that right now!

Make the change

This simple change means I don’t waste time. I set the timer. I do what I need to do. I move on.

I’m trying to break the scrolling mindset and use the tool to serve me. Instead of me serving it.

It’s a bold move. But I promise you. Follow this method for all your engagement and you will soon be able to half your time scroll less and double your output on Instagram and other areas of your life.

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  1. December 16, 2019 / 11:32 pm

    I love the 15 minutes tip! I’ve been using the Pomodoro technic myself and as you said – it works wonders 😍 instead of mindless automatic activities we get intentional focused job done 👌🏻🙌🏻

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