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Self-portrait Photography

and Ideas for self-portraits

Me myself and selfie

Knowing how to take great photos of yourself is a skill. We are called the ‘selfie‘ generation but I don’t think I take selfies anymore. I feel like it’s more than that, beyond the ‘dirty’ word. 

When does a selfie become a self-portrait?

I started taking self-portrait photos of myself in October 2017. Why? Well, Instagram made me do it. That’s why.

But what I have found is that I adore creating these little moments, whether on my own or with my baby. I like to show case my creativity, I love to include my interiors and my gorgeous chalkboard wall. I try and capture moments with my little boy. Because I don’t want to forget this women that at I am.

How many times have you looked through the family album searching for photos of your mum only to find a tonne of photos of babies and children and pets and Christmas trees. I love all that stuff, but I want to see my mother, I want to see what she looked like when I was a baby.

So now I take self-portraits, for me, and for my children and grandchildren. Here I am, here is our home, this is 2017/2018. Let’s not forget it.

Meaning of “self-portrait” in the English Dictionary

“self-portrait” in English

 See all translations

self-portraitnoun [ C ]

UK  /ˌselfˈpɔː.treɪt/ US  /ˌselfˈpɔːr.trɪt/

picturephotograph, or piece of writing that you make of or about yourself

Lets embrace the now – can you take a photo of yourself and be happy with it? Of course you can, because you have complete control. You are the one behind the lens of your camera or your iphone and you and in front of the lens. You are your own director and critic. If you don’t love it its ok – move on. Its no ones else opinion other than yours.

Yes we are our own worse critics, but I have found that I have become a fan of myself too

Can you be your own fan?

8 Tips for the perfect self-portrait photography

  1. Set the scene – i like to get organised first. Decide on the back drop, perhaps sketch it out if its quite creative, and clear the decks, removing all odd items from the backdrop – no-one wants to see my dirty laundry (unless that’s your thing!)
  2. Check the light – natural light is best for most types of photography, but if you are taking photos of your face check that you can ‘find the light’ for your face, nothing to harsh to cause shadows
  3. Find a friend – or a bluetooth remote. Unless you want to look flustered running back to your scene
  4. Try different poses – not even top models get it right the first time. So for your self-portrait photography try different poses and play around with the angles of your body
  5. Get creative – some of my ideas are simply me in front of a wall with a jumper over my face – other times things involve lots of props – try new ideas
  6. Make sure you have enough time – don’t rush it. Make a cuppa, get your scene set, make sure batteries are charged and even make notes
  7. Set the auto focus – phone and cameras usually have an auto focus function – so if you are a beginner, use it. Its a clever computer and its there to help
  8. Don’t worry – not all your ideas are going to work, so just remember to have fun, relax and smile!

Bonus Tip – Flowers add so much wonderful texture, see below how I added flowers to some simple ideas to really make them pop. These were actually for some work i did for Bloom & Wild – oh how I miss working with a flower supplier


All these photos are taken on my iPhone 6 – yep – you heard me correctly these are all iphone photos – pretty cool huh? Do you want some iPhone Photography tips? Of course you do click here right now! Its amazing what you can create using a iPhone, a bluetooth remote and a stack of books to balance your phone on

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