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No. 12

No. 12

We’re Working On It

We bought number 12 on the 12th April 2016 – and I was 4 weeks pregnant by the 12th May 2016! We are aware of how this happened, its just it all happened a lot faster than we thought it would… this meant the grand plans for number 12 had to be paired back and a simple ‘get on with it before the baby is here’ type renovation had to commence.


Once I got over the abyss that was the first trimester exhaustion, we only had 6 months to crack on with the DIY. With limited budget (babies are expensive) and a tight time frame, even us avid DIY-ers, were pushed! Needless to say we didn’t get it all finished on time for various reasons;

  1. Builders never do anything on time

  2. DIY whilst pregnant and working 40 hours a week is apparently quite hard

  3. Being pregnant is apparently quite hard

  4. A trip to the minor injuries ward turned into nerve and tendon damage and full blown surgery under general aesthetic only days before I gave birth…

  5. … I gave birth a few weeks early…

DIY 2016 beat us, we were done in, pregnancy complications, signed off work, husband broken (literally) alas we didn’t get it all finished on time and of course the baby would be early wouldn’t he.

After our baby break (!) it has been a struggle to find the time to get on and finish all the little bits we need to do. Its all the finishing off, the little corners that need touching up, the skirting boards that need a final coat of paint (or 3) and the pictures that need to go on the walls.

DIY with a baby is hard – its harder than the pregnant, tired, deadline DIY – because we now have another priority – and its not number 12 any more. Sorry number 12, but you are going to have to come second to the baby… but I promise you – it will be worth it when you hear his tiny feet run about your halls, filling them with laughter (he currently fills them with burps, wind, vomit and screeching) but one day it will be laughter, and we can’t wait.


The hallway was where it all began with a bright vibrant green – in Dulux tough paint to make sure those sticky fingers don’t ruin it. Have you ever painted a hallway before? It’s sole destroying? There seems to be a never ending amount of walls – I do not fancy doing that again!


With bank holiday weekend approaching we are going to spend some time and focus our efforts back into the heart of the home, where we all spend so much time – the kitchen.

We had a builder into take the wall down between the kitchen and the dining room, but as he was slow to get started, we were always playing catch up. Hence why we were tiling on the 28th of December. Well I say we, I mean Mr B and I say were in the most literal sense, because he didn’t get far before we ended up in A&E.

That is why this weekend is all about finishing those little jobs that never get done…


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