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Saal Digital Photobook Reveiw

Saal Digital Photobook Review

It is in this digital age of fast photography that we forget to get our images printed! Especially the Instagram community because we see our images so often, we share with our online community daily, and we forget that tactile photos are such a joy. Now photo books have been around for a long time, and I have used a few different companies, so when the opportunity to be a product tester for Saal Digital couldn’t wait.

I’m a busy mum, I might be on maternity leave, but I seem to never stop, whether its just day to day chores, making sure I put out awesome content on Instagram, or writing for my blog, I have to squeeze in time for a hot cuppa (why do you think I take photos of them so often?). My time is short! I have to fit a lot of my spare time, or to be more clear, into nap times, so I was hoping the Saal Digital photo book would be quick to complete. And I wasn’t disappointed. I opted for the ‘One Minute Photobook’ (because of the a for mentioned ‘busy mum’ syndrome) I selected about 60 images and chose a 26 page photo book. This is all done through their bespoke software downloaded to my PC. The upload speed was ridiculously fast, I’m very impatient when it comes to computers, I basically want it all to happen in a blink if an eye, and it basically did (or a few sips of hot tea). You get lots of options for the finish of the books, from Matt to Glossy. I chose a glossy front and matt finish inside. Once you’ve chosen your photos the clever software will add them all straight to the design.

All my shots, in date order, into a automatically generated layout. Each page had a great auto layout

Now, if I was less of a perfectionist, then I could have stopped there, and truly a one minute photo book would have been created. However, I am a perfectionist, and from the software I could scratch that itch and edit the images I wanted to swap out and the change the layout fast before I completed my order.

Like all things German the efficiency and speed that the book arrived had me muttering German catchphrases under my breath, (Vorsprung durch Technik) and I couldn’t wait to see my lovely images in print for the first time. Now, I will be honest here, I was expecting to receive a normal photo book, I have had them before, namely from Albelli and Photobox. I have ordered the mid range items from both these companies before and been pleased with the finish. And on first inspection of the outside cover , it seemed the same as photos books I had seen before. But that is where the comparison ended,  because what is inside is far superior.

The 3 things that struck me were the weight and quality of the pages, the intensity of the colours (and the white of the pages) and the incredible layflat pages, for me this is what set them apart other photo books. The layflat pages have to be seen to be believed. I have shown anyone and everyone who has been through my house in the last week and they have all been stroking the seams in disbelief, they are stunning.

I am knew to product testing, and I want to explain that I would never review something if I wasn’t happy with it, but I also wouldn’t ‘big up’ a product just for the sake of it. I am so impress with Saal Digital because it truly is a superior product for the price and service.

Was it fast? Yes, it was fast and worked so well, even the tech shy un-creative type could produce a stunning book with minimal effort.

Would I use them again? Yes, we are already planning the Chirstmas presents!

Would I use another company over these guys? They would have to be offering free wine to make me use someone else.

Am I glad I spent some precious spare time making this book? Beyond happy that we have had some of my beautiful images of my baby boy printed.

Get yours today and enjoy £15 welcome voucher



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