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See My Wish List – Living Room Update

If you have recently decorated your living room like me, or perhaps recently moved into a new home like Adele from @just.isla.and.i did a few months back, then you might be in a ‘blank canvas’ kind of rut. I sure am. We took the big bold decision recently to gut our front room at number 12, re-distribute all our ornaments and paint our ceiling in Little Greene Juniper Ash Blue – basically we have completely changed our style.

Blank canvas equals headache

What I am currently left with is a jaw dropping ceiling feature in our living room and bare walls, and floors. This should be that wonderful blank canvas that everyone dreams off. But it leaves me staring at my blank walls thinking – what next. I study Pinterest and flit between a few styles and my ‘to buy’ list is getting longer.

Pinterest for the win

But Pinterest gives me all the hope that i’m not totally nuts, after all its all because of Pinterest that I painted the living room ceiling dark blue after all. So with my new found confidence in my own skills to pull this one together I think the vibe i’m getting right now is Boho – meets – India – meets – Navajo – meets folks-y, with a sprinkle of mid-century and a touch of  New York loft chic. Are you still with me? Below is the inspiration photo i found that prompted us to paint the ceiling blue.

home with the buckleys - living room update

Things to remember when dressing a room

I like to keep in mind when dressing a room that each little corner is a focal point. I need to dress behind the sofa, the fire place and the alcoves as if they are stand alone. Then I bring the whole thing together with accent colours, textures and pictures, trying to repeat but not copy the style throughout the space.

Check out my Pinterest board for Interiors to see how each corner can be dressed seperately

My go highstreet brands

I like to shop all over, and I love to find second hand bargains and bits and pieces from charity shops and auctions. But for soft furnishings, reliable quality and inspiration I always check out these brands. Ikea – more than just somewhere to buy shelves. H&M home-wares – their cushion selection is amazing and the prices are great.  La Redoute – like a french Next only more chic.

Living room finds so far…

To achieve this look i’m going to pull together textures and textile. The blue ceiling should not scream at you, but almost be like a cuddle from above, as you sink into the comfy warm tones of the soft furnishings. I started this week to collect the first few things in the master plan, namely some mix and match cushions from Ikea, that have really helped the room come together already.

Living room wish list…

Tan Leather Sofa

I have had a thing for tan leather sofas for years. They go in and out of fashion but the latest revival is right up my street. So this is where the Mid-Century meets loft chic. Lets just imagine you live in New York, you have a thing for the 60’s and you have just flown back from Cochella. Yea – that’s the sofa I want. There are a few that have caught my eye. I think we are looking for a second hand one. Budget of £300-£500 or cheaper if we can. The dream of course is the Heals Tan Leather 4-seater, but unless they would like to gift me one, the price tag of £3,799 is a little out of my budget.

Plants in Paper bags

This trend first came to my attention on Instagram when I started following interior accounts. They make so much logical sense to me. And I am a girl that likes logic. My style always has roots in things that are practical (no pun intended). I think that’s why I like mirrors in living rooms as accessories. They have so many uses within a space. The bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they go with so many different styles. So if you are a house plant lover like me get your self over to Not on the Highstreet or Etsy for some great bargains.

That La Redoute rug

La Redoute is a great place for home accessories, it seems to be like the french version of Next. They do clothes and home accessories. They have a rug, that I see everywhere on Pinterest. And I want it, or sort of. I actually want the version that has the warmer tones in it. The one everyone seems to love is the monochrome version. But to keep with my warm cuddle of a room feel I think the second one will work better.

Bare glass frames

I have wanted these in my home for ages, but didn’t have a room they would legitimately work in without getting lost. These Metal Hanging Frames are bare glass and are going to pop on our feature wall/ceiling. I want the gold framed ones, and will get some arty postcards to go in some, and perhaps some pressed leaves from the garden for the others. Again La Redoute have some lovely ones, not cheap, but for a set of three at £69 I think you get quite a bit of impact.

More house plants

To add to my growing collection, and to put in my paper bags, I want to add more texture and life to the living room with house plants. Below is a gallery of some of my pinterest fave displays. I think that all grouped together they give such impact and interest. And there are clever ways to display them from the afore mentioned paper bags to the gorgeous hand made Macrame hangers, old terracotta pots to plain white pots.

Indoor Greenery Inspo

To see more of what inspires me follow my Pinterest account, or if you don’t already follow me on Instagram you can find me here. 


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