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Simple Chalk Paint Makeover

After weeks of anxiety I needed a project to cheer me up. So on a toddler free day I managed to get most of this completed in between baby feeds and naps, so this really is a quick makeover of some mid-century furniture.

If you have never painted furniture before my best advice is – just go for it. Its a wonderfully cathartic process, up cycling furniture, and its something anyone can try.

You will need:

  • Chalk paint – I’m using Annie Sloan which was previously gifted
  • Brushes – any brushes will do
  • Cloth for cleaning
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Masking tape
  • Finishing Wax

Why Chalk Paint?

I personally love using any waterbed paint for furniture. But, there is one massive advantage to chalk paint – You can paint it on almost anything – with NO sanding or undercoat. That makes it way more fun and rewarding for fast up-cycling projects.

Preparation for Chalk Paint

  1. Clean the surface and dry
  2. Add masking tape to the areas you want paint free. I was going for a modern geometric design to breath life back into this mid-century bureau.

Chalk Painting Methods and Tips

  1. start with a thick coat of paint. Don’t worry about brush strokes and breaks, that the beauty of chalk paint, it doesn’t matter at this stage.
  2. Tip: if you want a really rustic finish paint I lots of different directions. If you want a slightly more finer finish (like I did here) paint in one direction.
  3. If you are creating strips in your paint work like I did here, you can paint straight over the masking tape, and when you peel it off later your design will be revealed.
  4. Re-coat once all the paint is touch dry.
  5. Tip: if you are in a rush you can use a hairdryer to speed things up!
  6. I recommend 3 coats to get the best coverage, although the Charlston Grey from Annie Sloan had amazing coverage and 2 coats might have been enough.

Chalk Painting the Inside of the Bureau

I opted for a yellow back and grey fold down door. You can paint the chalk paint on any surface, so I just painted directly over the old fake leather on the fold down door.

Sanding and Wax Finishing Chalk Paint

  1. After the final coat is dry, you can remove the masking tape.
  2. I give each painted section a quick sand to smooth the paint streaks out a little
  3. Tip: if you are doing dual colours like me, I recommend using different pieces of sandpaper for the different colours
  4. Hoover off any chalk dust
  5. Start waxing!
  6. I apply enough wax that the paint goes a slightly darker cover, as evenly as I can
  7. Buff off using a clean cloth
  8. The more you buff the shinier it gets, I prefer the matt look for me chalk paint so I just buff off excess.

And that’s it.

Annie Sloan makeover chalk paint makeover before and after. Mid-century makeover
Annie Sloan makeover chalk paint makeover before and after. Mid-century makeover


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