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What’s it like being a photographer – with Claire Storey’s Photography

If you have come across my blog because you follow my instagram page then you probably have a keen interest in photography, or at least an interest in images being created and captured on film that tell a story. Perhaps you have your own Instagram page or blog or DSLR and you are taking photos of your children to capture the everyday. Then imagine that you turned that hobby into a job – imagine if you actually became a photographer. That’s exactly what Claire from Claire Storey’s Photography did. She had a dream, she had absolutely no photography background and was able to teach herself to become an acclaimed newborn photographer.  View Post

What’s it like being a blogger – with

To any new blogger, the suggestion that they could make money out of their little corner of the internet would probably leave us feeling impossibly shy. Because to begin with most of us will just tell you that we do this as a hobby, perhaps we have a passion for something and we want to share that passion with others. Perhaps the blog is just a an amusing way to remember that time you went travelling, or like me, it was a space to keep my mind active while I was on maternity leave with no expectation that it would ever amount to much. View Post

Is it still Christmas?

If you’re anything like our family Christmas is a mad dash between families trying to see everyone and spending as much time with everyone as you can. And this Christmas was no different. In fact it was even more special as it was Otis’s first Christmas. View Post

Looking back at pregnancy and the DIY chaos

I like looking back but it can be tough too. It was a relentless time in our lives and at times I guess I didn’t get to ‘enjoy’ my pregnancy as much as I could of done. I tried to stay healthy, and level headed among the chaos that we lived in, but most days i truly was just putting one foot in front of the other. View Post