What is an instamum? And why are they always taking photos of sleeping babies?

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Be more like Doris

Take a chance and do something different

When I opened the door and invited her in she was unsure. You see the door has been open before but she has never been invited. Occasionally she has strayed toward the open door, with all its new and unfamiliar things inside, and once or twice when she has felt brave or didn’t even realise she has crossed the threshold and she has dipped her toe in. The difference this time was that we were not holding her back, she was not constrained behind the fence or chased away for not being allowed.

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and Ideas for self-portraits

Me myself and selfie

Knowing how to take great photos of yourself is a skill. We are called the ‘selfie‘ generation but I don’t think I take selfies anymore. I feel like it’s more than that, beyond the ‘dirty’ word.  View Post

about you

An owed to instagram


I will admit this blog post might be alienating if you are not obsessed with instagram, but please try to read until the end because this rambling does have a point

December 2016, 32 weeks pregnant and I was signed off work with stress, work related stress, pregnancy related stress, general life stress! Half my first trimester symptoms had come back and even though I thought I could just carry on until the end it turns out I couldn’t – I was done. And I was bored …there is only so much call the midwife one can catch up on. View Post

begin crop

But Where To Begin

I wanted to write the perfect first blog post – although I have come to the conclusion that this will not be perfect. But I need to start somewhere.

I wanted to start somewhere near the beginning, because I have an overwhelming need to start new projects at the beginning. But, since the moment we decided to expand our family of two humans (one cat and some chickens) into three humans (one cat and currently one chicken), since that moment, i’m not sure where the beginning began. View Post