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Be more like the chicken who came for tea

Be more like Doris

Take a chance and do something different

When I opened the door and invited her in she was unsure. You see the door has been open before but she has never been invited. Occasionally she has strayed toward the open door, with all its new and unfamiliar things inside, and once or twice when she has felt brave or didn’t even realise she has crossed the threshold and she has dipped her toe in. The difference this time was that we were not holding her back, she was not constrained behind the fence or chased away for not being allowed.

You see we had invited her in for a cup of tea, and although she was a little unsure, she might of even been afraid for a moment or two, ultimately she trusted us, she accepted our invitation and she popped in for a cuppa.

Ok, so I may have encouraged her with a few blueberries, but she was intrigued, she was curious, she believed that there might be something beyond the garden that could offer her something else.

Have you ever been invited to something and said no for fear of the unknown, have you ever stopped yourself trying something new in case you didn’t like it, have you ever turned around and gone the other way because your friends weren’t coming too, have you stood on that doorstep wondering if you should go through to the other side? I know I have, I know I have hesitated too long and the tea has gone cold, and the hand welcoming me has faded, and the door has shut.

So next time you feel trepidation about the new, next time you feel the anxiety, the fear; remember Doris. Next time you make excuses, haven’t got enough time, or blame it on somebody else; remember the chicken that came for tea, for all she found was a new world, with some comforting blueberries, a new refreshing drink, and lots and lots of love.

Lets be more like Doris. Come through the door with me. I’ll make you a cuppa and we can sit down for tea.

And then she went back to from whence she came, with the memory, and the idea that one day their might be an opportunity again, and if she ever gets the opportunity – i know she will be back.  Because the chicken that came for tea will try new things again.

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