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The Instagram Interviews #2

An Interview With An Influencer

This is the second in the Instagram Interview series where we take a closer look at some of my favorite and most inspiring accounts that I follow on Instagram. If you read my first installment with just.isla.and.i then you will know how much of a IG obsessive I am. I stalk many accounts on a daily basis but one of the accounts that I have been following since before I even changed my Instagram name to @homewiththebuckleys (it was previously my collage nickname!), since before I had discovered how to edit not using an Instagram filter and way before I even knew what a hashtag was, I followed and adored the beautiful photos of @sienna.and.i

So naturally I wanted to ask Danielle to get involved in the Instagram interview series. I have watched her grow from a few thousand followers to 30k plus in the last year. Her images have amassed over 94 thousand likes and her engagement and following is growing daily. This week one of her animated squares even went viral with a whopping 163k views (a round of applause please!)

She has curated an incredible seasonally inspired grid of her sweet babe Sienna sleeping, with a passion for all things floral (and you know I love a floral capture) and Danielle has even started her own beautiful hashtag #bloomingbabyseries

1. How would you describe your Instagram account? (Professional? Hobby? Just for fun? Creative outlet? Something else?)

  • At the moment it’s most definitely my creative outlet. I love creating and sharing my posts. When I was younger I was so creative. I was always drawing, or pressing flowers and designing things (often terrible outfits for my Barbies). But then I grew up and I guess life just took over. So now having my Instagram account feels like I’m going back to those years. I find creating so much fun.


2. When did you start and what motivated you to get into Instagram? 
  • I’ve had an Instagram account for a good few years, although I never used to post. I just used to follow my friends and favourite celebrities (Mainly Kim K and Eva Chen). I never felt compelled to share anything myself. I never felt I had anything worth while sharing, so I didn’t.  Then when I had my daughter (Sienna), my friend suggested I should share her pics on my Instagram. That way her and my other friends could see regular updates on Sienna, so I did. When she was around 3-4 months old I discovered @allthatsishe’s incredible account and I was so inspired to try it myself. So I started to add hashtags and changed my account to public.
4. How does Instagram impact on your day to day life? (For example Time spent? Places you go? Things you do? Because of/for Instagram) 
  • I’m sure you’ve heard the phase ‘Instagram is like a part time job’ before. Well, it is. I try to check in on Instagram as often as I can. Although most of my time on Instagram is at night, once Sienna is asleep. Whether i’m editing photos, checking in on my favourite accounts, replying to comments or DM’s and emails. When It comes to my photos, I take those at the weekend. Which can be quite hard, as we all know weekends actually only last 15.3 minutes. As far things I’ve done for Instagram, well I just need to mention taping a cereal box to my ceiling, to get my – above the bed shots, or constantly stopping the car on my way home after work to get “just a few more leaves” (my family are sick of that phrase).@sienna.and.i Instagram photos - 1
5. What have been the positive and/or negative effects of Instagram on your day to day life (for example people you have met? Opportunities that have arisen?) 
  • For me, the most positive part of Instagram is all the wonderful women that are apart of this community. I always remember reading someone’s caption commenting on ‘how great this Instagram community is’, when I first started. I thought it was strange. After all how could a community that is just online, be so wonderful? But after a only a few weeks on Instagram I really understand that comment. I have so many different women that show support each and every day. It’s like a little family. Instagram has also brought so many opportunities with it. I can recall having less than two thousand followers, (I think I had around 1400), when I had my first offer of a collaboration. I was so excited! Since then I’ve done so  many lovely collaborations. I’ve just recently began to accept offers for paid collaborations. So hopefully one day this could be something that can pay my bills and so get to spend all my days with Sienna!
6. What, if any, equipment/editing do you use in your photography? 
  • My iPhone 6 was all I started with. It was great and it did the job for the most part. Then when I had my birthday in the summer, I switched to a Canon M10 (a lovely birthday gift). Its a compact System Camera, which is very basic in the camera world, but it produces better quality photos than my IPhone ever did.The best feature of it, is that it has wifi, so I can upload all my images to my phone for editing. As for apps, I have a few firm favourites. I use Lightroom, Snapseed, VSCO to do basic editing. Then I use Magic Ink, Snapseed, Bokeh FX Cam and Plotagraph when I want something more creative.
7. What is your fave image to date and (if different) what was the most liked post? 
  • My favourite photo was taken by chance. Sienna had fallen asleep for her nap really late. So I placed fairy lights around her to give a little extra light, she looked so peaceful and serene.
sienna.and.i insta feature image 2
Although it’s not my most liked photo. My most liked photo is one of Sienna wearing a flower skirt.
sienna.and.i insta feature image
8. What tips would you give somebody who wants to get into instgramming? 
I feel like I could write an endless amount of tips on this. However for the sake of not wanting anyone to fall asleep, I’ll keep it short. Here are my three tips:
  1. Look after your current followers. Rather than going on a liking spree trying to get new followers to notice you. Just appreciate, respond and engage with the followers you already have. If potential followers see you have an engaged following already, they will want to be a part of it. So you will nautically grow and you’ll have a lovely engaged audience.
  2. Think carefully about those collaborations. When you get those wonderful offers to collaborate, and you starting squealing with excitement, take a moment to consider if you should collaborate. Be careful not to take on to many and know that it’s ok to say no to a collaboration. If I said yes to every offer I have I’d no time to enjoy the creative side of Instagram.
  3. Just have fun with it. Enjoy what your photographing whether you like to take candid photos or prefer more styled shots, if you love what you do so will your followers.sienna.and.i_Instagram_photos_2
9. Where do you see your account in 1 years time?
  • I love this question! I love it because it makes me excited to think that perhaps this could be my full time job (rather than it being my unpaid part time one).I’d be super happy If I got to spend my days with Sienna still creating and sharing on Instagram and my blog. Having a lovely engaged audience that enjoy following my little journey through motherhood. So fingers crossed,  that this time next year me and my little lady are doing why we love the most (she’ll be napping and I’ll be snapping, and it will be our full time job!)

sienna.and.i is the creation of Danielle and features her beautiful daughter Sienna. If you haven’t been following the nap times adventures of Sienna and her Mumma where have you been? Pop on over to their account and get a load of the super sleepy Sienna. She also has a new blog so if you want more insight into how she achieves here beautiful edits take a look 



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  1. November 21, 2017 / 5:57 pm

    Such a lovely interview and insight into such a wonderful and creative account! Xxx

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