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The Instagram Interviews #4

If you follow my Instagram account you will know that I am a lover of Insta Stories, so when I hatched the plan to get some of my followers to come up with the next set of questions for the Instagram Interview Series, they didn’t disappoint

Before we get to the question and answer section I thought you might like to know a little bit more about me. If you a new follower you might not know much about who I am, who the Buckley’s are or about me and Otis. Firstly, I’m currently on maternity, and due to return to work January 2018. This excites me and leaves me with an enormous sense of dread all at once. But I am a positive and practical thinker and I’m trying to see the New Year as our next chapter, not the end of an era.

I begun my Instagram account and blog on my maternity leave, it was on the back of being signed off sick this time last year, and while I was on bed rest I became obsessed with Instagram. After a lot of encouragement from friends and family I started my account and to begin with it was all about the baby spam. I used the captions to put into words how being a new mother felt and it was my therapy and my photo album. However, as my year has progressed, I have found my creativity has been sparked, and the artistic girl I used to be has come to the surface and is dying to get out.

T H E B U C K L E Y S @homewiththebuckleys Instagram 2

I never thought a year ago that I would now be working with brands to promote their products, that I would be interviewing some of my favourite top Instagram accounts, or that people would be asking my advice on ‘how to Instagram’. It has been such an incredible year in so many ways and now I have a photo diary, and awesome community of friends as well as my baby boy.


Below are a few questions that were sent to me recently, I’ve tried to tag and include as many as I can. Thanks for your input everyone and maybe i’ll do this again!

  1. @missgillberry asks – ‘When you create photos with Otis in do you see what happens and find inspiration in whatever hes doing? Or do you have the idea in your head already?
    Answer – both….. I take inspiration from my day to day life, almost everyday. But that doesn’t mean that is always going to create the perfect content for my grid. Sometimes I think up ideas, or places that I want to visit to get a particular shot. However, more often than not the idea evolves as the photos are taken, perhaps through limitations of iPhone photography or issues with light. Or, where Otis is concerned, perhaps a un-cooperative subject.T H E B U C K L E Y S @homewiththebuckleys Instagram 1
  2. @lauracolesysmith ask – ‘What kind of mum did you think you would be before you had Otis, and how does that differ to the mum you are now?’ and @wingingit asked ‘is being a mum everything you thought it would be?’
    Answer – sometimes I don’t even feel like I am a mum yet, does that sounds strange? Its just you kind of keep going forward, each day a new day, new challenges. One of things I have found so surprising is the new sense of confidence I have since having Otis. I’m not going to sugar coat it, some days are really hard, and self doubt and neurosis can strike even the most even level headed among us, but actually I have found that he has given me back a spark that I had lost. And given me a sense that anything is possible.
  3. @amberbarker21 asks – ‘have you had to cope with any negativity based on using Instagram and posting photos/stories of Otis?’
    Answer – no, but it is something that I have thought about. I think about the online presence of my child and where that will take us. There are a lot of details of our life online, and that’s strange because before I started my blog and Instagram I was actually very sparse about what I shared on social media. But now, I can’t seem to stop myself, I just love the sense of community and sharing with others a small part of our world as I love seeing small parts of other families worlds. Its that togetherness that has given me support over the last year. And that has had a huge impact on our lives for the good
  4. @mylittleduke asks – ‘What inspires your photos?’ T H E B U C K L E Y S @homewiththebuckleys Instagram 3
    Answer – it started with Otis… he was my muse and my everything. To begin with I only had eyes for him. and that was the way it was meant to be, I was a first time mum and I was falling in love with my baby! But as my confidence grew I started adding in my flat lay shots (I love my flat lays) and of course our home. The creative posts have started to come to me more recently, where I’ve been taking influence from some incredible accounts like @allthatisshe@me_and_orla  (to name just a few) And sometimes I get on a roll so you will see lots of pretty petals floating around my feed, but some weeks, I feel more grounded and then more natural shots happen, like quick snaps of Otis playing.
  5. @Aimeedawnward asked ‘do you have any insta tips?’
    Answer – well… That is a big question and possibly a whole blog post of its own, but in terms of posting on insta and getting your photos noticed I can give you my top 3 tips
    1) Make sure you are using quality hashtags, hashtags are the key to everything. Try not to use the same hashtags to often, perhaps have a couple of different sets that you can use (I save mine in my notes, so I can copy and paste)
    2) Interact with your followers. If people comment on your photos, comment back, start a conversation. Nurture the people who like your content, because they are your target audience
    3) Consider your overall grid look. It can be a daunting task to come up with gorgeous perfect photos everyday, but trust me even the big accounts put filler photos in to break up their grids. Think about how the photos will all sit with each other, and if that means you need to create some simpliler content to compliment your more intricate work, then do it!
  6. similalry @laineymummy_2_gnh wanted to know ‘what would be your advice for someone new to InstagrT H E B U C K L E Y S @homewiththebuckleys Instagram 4am and a complete beginner in photography’ (she’s getting a new camera for Christmas, the lucky girl!)
    Answer – Instagram can be a brilliant place to meet like minded people and share inspo and ideas, however, there is a side of it that can feel competitive and then your photos can feel forced. So my biggest piece of advice is remember ‘its just Instagram’ (or as my husband says (and this is a ‘Friends’ sitcom reference) ‘or we could just not let the rat babies ruin our lives’) What I’m trying to say is enjoy the gram, yes strive to be better, yes get a buzz when you get a wicked image out there, but don’t panic if every image isn’t better than the last. Its only Instagram, so unless you have 200k followers and its your full time job, I would try not to get too stressed about it. Keep practicing, because with any skill or hobby, we only get better if we keep at it, keep making mistakes and keep growing.

Thank you so much for your questions and I hope you’ve enjoyed them. It was really good fun doing them and you guys are so awesome and so supportive I blooming love you!

T H E B U C K L E Y S @homewiththebuckleys Instagram photos -6

All our love The Buckley’s x


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