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The Instagram Interviews #5

Something that I have long wanted to do and not yet found the time is to start is to vlog. This is not a recent desire, but one that goes all the way back to when I first discovered PixiWoo vlogging in their bedrooms about 5/6 years ago. I was training to become a makeup artist and they totally inspired me, however at the time I didn’t have the balls to do it. Now the vlogging is becoming a lifestyle for many, and some are able to earn enough to commit to it as a full time career, so its clear to see what a powerful media outlet in can be. Then I found this dynamic due, vlogging their way through their first year together I must admit I became a bit addicted to their vlogs.

I can’t be alone in loving these two! Firstly her little boy Oliver’s hair is the baby hair of dreams, If you are having a bad day, just pop over and take a look at this kids barnet, it is joy and wonder all in one. And secondly Eilidh from maisymeowblog is a fantastic, vlogger, blogger, and insta stories addict. She’s so natural and if you go and follow her Instagram and YouTube you wont be disappointed. Expect tonnes of gorgeous pics of Oliver and day in the life vlogs that will leave you feeling all warm and fussy on the inside. She is currently back at work after maternity leave and some how finds the time to, blog, vlog, insta and keep her house and baby looking gorgeous! I think she may have found some extra hours in the day that I don’t know about. I hope you enjoy reading her interview and make sure you pop over and give her YouTube channel a follow

1. How would you describe your Instagram account?

I’m a blogger and a vlogger, so I love taking photos, writing and making videos – Instagram is the one place that let’s me do all three at once! I chat away on Stories throughout the day and post a photo in the evening (usually with a very condensed blog post as the caption). I love to be creative, and I love that Instagram gives me that outlet, and an audience who like to see what I come up with.Lifestyle & Mama Blogger @maisymeowblog Instagram photos - 4
2. When did you start and what motivated you to get into Instagram? 
I used to use instagram as an extension of my blog, and I’d just post a photo any time I wanted to promote a new post or share one of my blog images but I never really made a huge effort with my photos. When I became a mum just over a year ago, it all changed and suddenly I was so inspired to take photos – let’s just say Oliver is my muse! I want to remember every little detail of him at this age, and I love thinking of new creative ways that to share his personality in our photos. I’ve also found this amazing community of mums on Instagram, and I don’t know where I’d be without that strong network to turn to every time I need a bit of advice or reassurance!
 Lifestyle & Mama Blogger @maisymeowblog Instagram photos - 3
4. How does Instagram impact on your day to day life? (For example Time spent? Places you go? Things you do? Because of/for Instagram) 
I try to post every evening, which can be tricky during Winter when we have barely any day light in Scotland. Sometimes that means I have to take advantage of the weekend and take a lot of photos in advance, or make the most of having Andy there so I have someone to dance around behind the camera to keep Oliver smiling. I spend quite a lot of time preparing my photos, but I split it up throughout the day so it doesn’t affect my time with Oliver.
5. What have been the positive and/or negative effects of Instagram on your day to day life (for example people you have met? Opportunities that have arisen?)
Instagram played a major part in getting me through the newborn days with my little one. There were so many mums giving support and advice on my photos and DMs, and knowing that I had access to so much knowledge and experience was so reassuring. I’ve met so many like-minded people through Instagram, and definitely feel like it’s myLifestyle & Mama Blogger @maisymeowblog Instagram photos - 2 most ‘social’ of my social networks. When I first started making YouTube videos, Instagram stories was what really gave me the confidence to vlog. I could chat away to my phone camera at ease throughout the day, and that definitely helped me to do the same on YouTube! I’ve been lucky that Instagram has really opened doors for me in terms of my blog and YouTube too – I’ve been able to work with some of my favourite brands in the last year and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved!
6. What, if any, equipment/editing do you use in your photography?
I take all my photos with my canon g7x mark 2 which I couldn’t live without. I edit all my photos on my phone (even for my blog!) and I use snapseed, then VSCO and then I always finish up with a brighten on Instagram edits! I go into auto pilot with most of my edits, unless I’m doing something special – for extra creative ones I use picmix, plotograph and magic eraser.
7. What is your fave image to date and (if different) what was the most liked post? 

My most liked post was just recently actually – it was part of @allthatisshe’s ‘objects for outfits’ tag and I gave Oliver a little gingerbread man jumper. The objects for outfits (#objectsforoutfits) tag is a great one to check out – there are so many creative ideas in there! I actually have another one planned for this week which I can’t wait to bring to life!

#objectsforoutfits gingerbread man

#objectsforoutfits gingerbread man

My personal favourite is one of Oliver in the sink, with soaking wet hair having the time of his life. It was the first day he’d ever had a sink bath and I had never seen him so happy!

Oliver in the sink!

Oliver in the sink!

Lifestyle & Mama Blogger @maisymeowblog Instagram photos - 3

8. What tips would you give somebody who wants to get into instgramming?
Try and find your own style for your photos – whether that’s a particular filter, angle or photo style. I think having a theme really does help if you want to grow – the better your grid looks, the more likely that people will want to see more! Most importantly, make sure you love the photos your posting. If you don’t love it, don’t post it!
9. Where do you see your account in 1 years time?
I’d love to be doing something different and unique on every post, that’s my goal! When I try something new and interesting, it makes me so excited to post and I’d love to be able to do that every night. I’d love to take the time to do that, but working part-time holds me back from really devoting that time to it. In a years time, I’d love to be vlogging and instagramming full-time as it would allow me to do the two things I love the most – spending time with Oliver, and being creative!

Eilidh Ferguson is Mama to Oliver and lives in Scotland, UK. Her Instagram account has over 6k followers and she has multiple media outlets, including a YouTube channel and a successful blog. www.maisymeow.com

-Lifestyle & Mama Blogger @maisymeowblog Instagram photos


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