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Two weeks as a mum of two!

Being a mum of two sounds like official mum territory right?!

Well it’s official then. I am a mum of two.

And I want to try and remember as much of this whirlwind as possible

Long gone are the days when I only have to worry about where one of them is. And I must admit it’s a game changer.

I intend to write and blog a lot more about parenting, our daily lives and the journey we are on as we navigate this new ‘family of four!’ / parenting world.

Goodbye mum of one

Only a few hours stood between bump and baby. And after 2 weeks of false starts and Braxton Hicks up to my eyeballs I was very ready for this baby to be out.

My poor Instagram story followers had been getting day by day accounts of the irritating aches and pains I had, from pelvic bone pain to braxton hicks that made my eyes water.

I was getting daily messages of solidarity from my Instagram family, my real family, my best mates and my husband.

And then there were two

In what seemed like a hazy blur, we became parents to two boys. The pregnancy wows ended and with it my morning sickness.

I’m two weeks in and although we have had some small curve balls, I can tell you now, not feeling sick at all for two whole weeks is utter bliss.

Otis joined us at the hospital to take Marlow home. All going home together as a gang and it filled me up to have him come to the hospital. Proud as punch to ‘see baby’, as he puts it.

Pulling up the drawerbridge

There are not may things we had chosen to do differently from our last baby, but pulling up the drawbridge and battening down the hatches, was one of them.

We had planned a blissful two weeks at home, barely leaving if possible. (this didn’t quite go to plan… we did turn away the visitors, but we kept ending up in the hospital for lots of very minor reasons!)

Mr B back at the hospital – nothing serious but annoying none the less

All I wanted was to stay home and cuddle my baby, but small and annoying scenarios, meant we seemed to never get more than 24 hours without having to bundle up our new family of four and leave the house.

I would guess that this is what attributed to my infected Mastitis on day 7…

on day 7…

Putting on a brave face for myself and my baby. Mastits is horrible, it comes from no-where and left me feeling like I had flu, while having to care for my 7 day old baby.

I had to feed through the pain and cried a lot throughout the night feeds.

Family Selfies

This about sums up becoming a family of four, a blurry early morning selfie, no idea what we did this day, no idea what the good bits and the bad bits were, but we took this precious blurry selfie.

All my boys in one shot. The man, my biggest and my smallest. All pushed in against my aching body, all sitting on top of me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

At some point I could focus again on Otis. Because for the first few days of Marlow’s life I couldn’t even look at Otis.

Now here he was, in sharp focus, bigger than i ever imagined he could be, a little boy emerging before my eyes, no longer my baby.

One week of Marlow

He’s my rainbow, he came to me, just as he was meant to. And one week in the love I feel for my children has multiplied. I love Otis in so many new ways, and I can love the littelset and newest addition so quickly and urgently.

Like I don’t want to miss a day of that love. He is utterly perfect, so chilled, so sleepy, feeds like a dream and calms my soul.

Otis was my rock, when he came out I felt more steady, Otis propped me up and told me it would all be OK. This guy soothes me, calms me, chills us all out with his laid back demeanour.


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